Do You Need an Independent Approved Auditor of Cooling Water Systems in NSW?

April 13, 2020

In NSW, an approved cooling tower auditor must be independent, complete required course(s) or an equivalent qualification and have experience in conducting audits as well as being approved by the NSW Health Secretary.

The auditor must be independent of the:

  • occupier
  • risk assessor (the person who prepared the Risk Management Plan)
  • duly qualified person (a person who installs, maintains or operates a cooling water system)
  • laboratory.

NSW Health Approved auditors of cooling water systems will receive written confirmation and be included on the NSW Health approved auditors. This list can be found on the NSW Health website click here.

HSE Risk Approved Auditors are independent of the occupier, risk assessor, duly qualified person and laboratory. This means you don’t need to worry about checking for independence from the parties you engage with your cooling tower(s).

We are ready to assist you in meeting your legal obligations by conducting an audit of your Cooling Tower(s). We can assist also by providing a project management service to assist you with the auditing process and engagement with facility managers.

If you require this service or require further information about our Cooling Tower Audit process or a quote simply call 1300 473 747 or 1300 HSERISK or email ​

For further information on NSW Health requirements for cooling water systems auditors click here.