What records do I need to provide to the approved cooling tower auditor in NSW?

March 5, 2020

Undergoing a cooling tower audit by an NSW approved cooling tower auditor is a relatively simple process. Often the audit is delayed due to stakeholders not being aware of the records to provide. It is good practice to ask the NSW Health approved cooling tower auditor for a list of records they require and often the cooling tower auditor will provide a list on engagement.

The NSW Guidelines for Legionella Control in Cooling Water Systems are useful as it provides information on the types of records that maybe required. An example of records are:

  • Previous Risk Management Plan (RMP) which relates to or covers part of the current audit period
  • Previous Audit Report (Form 2)
  • Current RMP (Form 1) for the audit period
  • Monthly Report (Form 3) 
  • Notifications of Results (Form 4)
  • Notifications of Installation or Change in particulars (Form 6)
  • Maintenance, servicing, cleaning and inspection records
  • Monthly Chemical Analysis
  • Monthly heterotrophic colony count testing NATA
  • Monthly Legionella testing NATA
  • Records of enforcement action taken by a local government authority or NSW Health (for example, improvement notices and prohibition orders) 
  • Records of actions required to be completed by the RMP during this audit period (for example, removal of a dead leg or replacement of a drift eliminator)  
  • Records of actions taken to address non-compliance identified by previous audit (including photographs and receipts as evidence of compliance)  
  • *Records of any notifications made to the local government authority (e.g. Form 4 Reportable Results within 24 hrs)
  • *Records of sending the Certificate of RMP completion to the Council? or Council’s return copy (copy sent back with details recorded by council on Form 1 (Date received?)
  • Records of additional actions taken in order to comply with the RMP, authorised officer requirements, or for any other reason  
  • *Records of sending the Certificate of Audit completion to the Council or Council’s return copy (copy sent back with details recorded by council on Form 2)
  • * These may be email records from Occupier or Duly Qualified Person (DQP) to Council

For more information and to view the NSW Guidelines for Legionella Control in Cooling Water Systems  Click Here

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